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C S A are a Manchester based Footwear + Fashion agency. Started over 20 years ago by Andrew Marshall and currently run by myself, C S A aim to approach every new venture with high level of professionalism as well as exploiting my creative nature by being as innovative as possible. Thinking as if there was no box! We pride ourself on our strong relationships with some of the UK + Irelands top retailers and a network of agents across the UK + Ireland. 


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Gus Marshall

A look back at the unusal yet inevitable journey of how Gus landed in the shoe industry.

Marshall History

A look back at the past 100 years of the Marshall family working in the footwear industry.

Strolling 4 Shoes

The retail sector of the business. Andrew and Sue Marshall are the brains behind Cumbria's leading independant shoe retailer. Find out where it all began.

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