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Strolling 4 Shoes

Cockermouth Shop

7 years ago a modest family run shoe shop opened its doors in Keswick attracting a hoard of shoe hungry Cumbrian customers becoming the catalyst which inspired owners Andrew & Sue Marshall to opeen four other branches across Cumbria.



Penrith Cornmarket Shop

During a day out in Keswick with Sue he spotted the perfect shop on Lake Road which would become the fire to encourage them both open more. They started with one member of staff (who had over 20 years experience in the trade) and now has grown to 25. 6 months later and after a day walking around Penrith another shop appeared there. This was the story for next few years as a second Penrith shop and a shop in Cockermouth also came to light.

Keswick Shop


Everything was going so well until the November floods of 2009. They then started the travelling shoe shop, touring all the villages of the surrounding areas of Cockermouth with pop up shops. These shops included village halls, pubs and restaurants, anywhere you could get a van full of shoes into! The support was so over whelming that it has become an annual event in January.


Penrith Clearance Shop

Following the floods the family worked hard, long hours and Strolling 4 Shoes orignal branch became the third independant retailer to open on Cockermouth Main Street in April 2010. Although Andrew & Sue decided to move to a bigger shop in town. In March 2011 the new Cockermouth shop opened.



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