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Should suppliers retail?

1st February 2018

Should suppliers retail?


Whilst this is no new topic to many other industries, there is an ongoing debate amongst the footwear industry as to whether it is right for suppliers to step into retailer’s shoes (excuse the pun) and sell directly to the consumer by way of retail stores or online presence....



Amberone takes flight

31 March 2017

When Amberone made its debut at Moda Footwear last month, buyer after buyer asked… can the factory really do that?...


Q & A with Gus for Moda 2018

22 August 2016

As the owner of Crosby Shoe Agencies and the son of a well-established footwear retailer, Gus Marshall had two perspectives in mind when he attended Moda Footwear this month.....

Crosby Shoe Agencies launches new trade initiative for The University of Northampton student participation in Footwear Trade Shows 

01 March 2014

Thanks to a new trade initiative launched this season by footwear agent Gus Marshall in collaboration with Footwear Today Magazine, three Footwear & Accessories students – Helen Kirkum, Anna Ritchie and Sianne Smart ....

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